Ayelet Amit - Painter
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Antiquities by Ayelet Amit

Ayelet Amit - Painter

Ayelet Amit brings you a taste of the Land of Israel through her paintings of local flora, fauna and landscapes. Much of her work focuses on the Modi'in area, with its diversity of wildflowers and pastoral views.

Some of her works incorporate elements of the Chinese philosophy of Feng-Shui, influencing the combination of subject matter, colour and form.

Her paintings evoking the vibrancy of spring in Israel or the relaxing calm of the winter rain are designed to promote calm and tranquility.

Israeli-born Ayelet wandered all over Israel before deciding to establish her home in Modi'in. The thirty-nine year old mother of two became one of the new town's first residents of when she and her husband moved here in the summer of 1996.

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